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24th - 29th October 2005

Director: Tony Brett

Musical Director: Susannah Edom

Based on W.S. Gilbert’s Bab Ballard, ‘The Fairy Curate’, Iolanthe is set 25 years after fairy Iolanthe committed the ultimate crime: marrying a mortal. a capital offence under fairy law.


However, her sentence was commuted from death to lifetime banishment on condition that she leave her husband and never see him again … but not before she manages to have a son, Strephon, who is half mortal and half fairy.

Her half-human, half-fairy son Strephon is a shepherd and has fallen in love with Phyllis, a shepherdess.  – a crime punishable by death – leaving Iolanthe and her fairy friends no choice but to challenge the law. It is a comedy – we promise!

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