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Your help is needed!

The reviews that we have been able to publish on the website from 1960 to present date make fascinating reading.

Regrettably, no reviews have been collected in our archives for the following shows.

  • 2003 Show Boat

  • 1993 Ruddigore

  • 1992 Bless the Bride

  • 1992 Annie get your Gun

  • 1991 Patience

  • 1990 King and I

  • 1987 Trial & Pinafore

  • 1986 Yeomen of the Guard

  • 1985 Show Boat

  • 1984 Free as Air

  • 1982 Desert Song

  • 1981 Summer Song

  • Now available 1980 Iolanthe

  • Now available 1980 Orpheus in the Underworld

  • 1967 Call Me Madam

Now available 1994 South Pacific

If anyone has a published review for any of these shows, perhaps in a personal scrapbook, we would be most grateful if you could provide us with a copy so that it can be included in the records that we have published for our past shows.

This also applies to reviews in addition to those which we have published.

They can be provided as photocopies, jpg or pdf files and sent to:

Tim and Anne Sheppard
126 Highfields Road
Essex CM8 2HH

or emailed to

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