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WAOS Codes of Practice

Notes for Performing Members

Auditions: Though it is not currently the Society’s practice to audition for membership of the Society, all prospective performers for shows are auditioned and involvement in a show will be at the discretion of the Auditioning Panel. Further information relating to our audition process is in Guidelines Governing the Conduct of Auditions

Libs/Scores: Members are required to return libs/scores borrowed from the Society promptly and in the same condition in which they were received. Any deposit cheque held by the Production Manager on a lib/score will be cashed unless the lib/score is returned.

Rehearsals: For six months prior to a show WAOS rehearses twice a week; Tuesdays and Wednesdays at Witham Public Hall or Spring Lodge from 7.30pm to 10pm. Tuesday rehearsals are generally only for principals, although this will depend in the show and the Director (please always consult the rehearsal schedule). There will also be some Sunday rehearsals over the 6 months – usually about 3 that run from 10am-4pm and that performing members must attend.


Prior to the show the cast should be available for a costume call, usually on the Friday before the show, be available for technical rehearsal on the Saturday before the show and to be present at the two dress rehearsals held on the Sunday before the show’s run.

Rehearsal schedules are available immediately after the show has been cast and can also be downloaded from the Society website. Any amendments to the schedule will be updated on the web. As a matter of courtesy a member should advise the Director, Musical Director or Production Secretary if they expect to miss a rehearsal for any show in which they are involved. If 3 consecutive rehearsals are missed without notification, it will be assumed that member wishes to forfeit their place in the production.

Codes of Conduct

Spring Lodge: Members should ensure that the rehearsal rooms at Spring Lodge are cleared away before leaving – that all chairs are re-stacked and glasses returned to the bar.

Public Hall: All performing members must be prepared to help at the Public Hall on the Saturday prior to the show to putting up tiered seating. Help is again required on the Sunday morning immediately following a show as dressing rooms, props rooms, the kitchen and tiered seating all need to be cleared away.

Dress and Equipment: During rehearsals it is expected that performing members wear loose, comfortable clothing and appropriate footwear. Members will also need a pencil and paper to takes notes and further be aware that if asked to provide props for a role, these are brought along each week.

Additional Costs: Though the society charges a Production Fee for any show in which a performing member is involved, it should not be assumed that this will cover all costs. There may be additional items, especially for costumes (for example shoes) that members will be expected to pay for themselves. This will apply particularly to ladies and dancers.

Notes for Non-performing Members

Even though not involved in a show, membership of the Society does bring with it certain responsibilities. Putting on a show is a team event! We would expect those not taking part in productions to be available to help.

Publicity: As with all Societies, selling tickets is becoming increasingly difficult. Overheads are continually rising and as revenues are derived primarily from subscriptions, donations and ticket sales it is important that all members help. We generally need to sell in excess of 80% just to break even. Members are expected to help with publicity.

Programmes & Front of House Sales: Volunteers are always needed to help with stewardship, sell programmes, raffle tickets, confectionary, ice-creams and work behind the bar. If not in a show, you will be called upon to ask for help – it may only be one evening that you will be asked to give up – but it’s one less headache for those organising rotas!

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