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WAOS involves members and friends whose shared interest is musical theatre. Their aim is to work together over the year producing two fully staged shows that bring the enjoyment of musical theatre to the wider public.

--Membership:-- Membership of the society is open to all and our current membership includes those actively involved on stage and those who help out in a supporting capacity such as backstage, front of house or committee members. There are no auditions for membership, though performing members will be required to audition for any show in which they wish to be involved. Members are expected to be familiar with the Society’s ConstitutionCodes of Practice and, for those wishing to audition for a show, the guidelines covering the conduct of auditions

--Cost of Membership:-- Membership fees are currently £66 per annum, payable on 1 May each year, with a reduced fee of £33 being charged for OAPs and students. There is also a Production Fee of £66 payable for any show in which a member takes part. Members should also expect to incur from time to time, some small additional expenses relating to personal costume or make-up.

For more information about rehearsals and auditions, please contact us on 0845 475 0446.

--Friends:-- WAOS has approximately 40 valued Friends all of whom support the Society by making an annual voluntary donation of a minimum of £15. The support of our Friends not only provides a vital link between the Society and the local Community but also allows a strong thread of continuity between generations. Friends receive a copy of the WAOS newsletter, are invited to join in numerous social events and have their name printed in all show programmes.

We are continually grateful for their support and if you would like to find out more about becoming a Friend of the Society, please call us on 0845 475 0446.

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