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A Century of Song


“I particularly liked the early history – fascinating – and my Auntie Dorothy would be SO delighted to think that she has featured in it and several times as I also spotted her in a show line up and programme credits.”


“Star of the show just has to be Ron! An absolute natural and his anecdotes were very funny.
I particularly liked the one about the dry ice!”

WAOS has commissioned a professionally-made commentary about the history of WAOS from its post-Great War beginnings in 1921 to its twenty-first century status today. Tracing its development through the evolution of musical theatre, from the operettas of the 1920s and 1930s, through the Rogers and Hammerstein years of the 1940s and 1950s to the modern thematic musicals of today, this DVD combines interviews and archive footage to create an informative and entertaining 65 minute review.

Order your copy now from Stewart Adkins for just £10.


If you want it posted please pay £11 and send your address.

Stewart will send you the bank details for you to arrange an online payment.

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