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Calamity Jane

25th - 29th October 1999

Jacqui Foster
Musical Director:
Jill Parkin

Welcome to the Wild West! In Deadwood, Calamity Jane can outrun and outshoot any man in town…except the infamous Wild Bill Hickok. When there is a mix-up at the local saloon-theatre, Calamity is determined to save the day. She travels to Chicago to bring the celebrated actress, Adelaide Adams, to perform in Deadwood.

However, despite her best intentions, she actually returns with Adelaide Adams’ maid, Katie Brown, instead. When Katie confesses that she is not the star they were expecting, Calamity steps in once more to convince the local townsfolk to give Katie a chance. Katie soon wins the heart of every man in town, including Lieutenant Danny Gilmarten, the object of Calamity’s affections. Encouraged by Katie, Calamity sheds her tomboy persona and transforms into a beautiful woman at the local Fort ball. She soon sees that Katie and Danny are in love, but she overcomes her jealousy when she realizes that her heart actually belongs to Bill.

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