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24th - 27th April 2019


Thomas Duchan

Musical Director:

Thomas Duchan

This new take on a G&S classic, devised by Thomas Duchan our Director and Musical Director, is set in the dated and dreary Arcadia Club, home to the peers and their boss, the head honcho, the big cheese - the Lord Chancellor.

Iolanthe, a fairy, has been banished from her girlfriends because she married a mortal. The Fairy Queen is persuaded to pardon Iolanthe and so the fairies learn of her son Strephon, who tells his newfound aunts of his sorry situation. Strephon, a bartender at the Arcadia club, fancies the apron off waitress Phyllis - but then again who doesn’t!? The peers certainly do! The only problem? His boss, the Lord Chancellor who has a mind to take Phyllis for himself. He dismisses Strephon’s wish to marry Phyllis and also his attempts of moving the Arcadia club into the 21st century with cocktails and chrome! But Strephon is Phyllis’ guy, that is until Phyllis sees Strephon with Iolanthe - whose makeup is ‘on fleek’*. Phyllis gets jealous and decides to teach her man a lesson. The ensuing confusion leads to great hilarity and drama between the fairies and the peers, all of whom fight for power in this story of love, loss and … well, cocktails!


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