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Free as Air

22nd - 27th October 1984
Peter Green & Cynthia Stead
Musical Director:
Stephen Kenna

In the general direction of Jersey, Guernsey, Alderney and Sark, and just off the edge of the map, lies the island of Terhou, so small that even the tourist trade has not yet invaded it. The entire population numbers no more people than are to be found in the average operatic society, and they sing all day, for they are happy folk. Or they would be, if only they could find a May Queen for their annual festival. Then Geraldine arrives from the mainland, hotly pursued by Jack Amersham, the famous racing driver, to say nothing of gossip columnist Ivy Crush. The locals at first welcome this mini-invasion, then come to fear that their idyllic existence might be interrupted for ever. But, in the end, the threat passes, as all troubles seem to in this last stronghold of the utterly free.

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