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Our Story

Witham Amateur Operatic Society (WAOS) are preparing for their Spring production in April  -  "Calendar Girls the Musical" by taking on the challenge of raising as much money as possible for Farleigh Hospice.

The original and true story tells of a group of extraordinary women in a small Yorkshire Women's Institute, prompted to create this alternative calendar following the death of a much loved husband and friend, to raise fund for Charity.

In the spirit of the original calendar, some of the ladies and gents of WAOS have disrobed and posed to create our own version of their calendar to sell and raise funds for our cancer charities. The calendars are now available to buy for a minimum donation of £8 each.

We will be selling the calendars:

  • Alongside our Spring 2024 Show "Calendar Girls - The Musical" both with our ticket sales and during the production week,

  • As well as many other places between now and the show.

Could you suggest somewhere else we can sell these also?

original calendar girls calendar.png

Other Fund Raising Ideas

We would be eternally grateful to any company who would like to donate something to include in the auction. Suggestions would include: Food Hampers;  Days out or Family events, Special products or Services.

Donation for the Charity Auction
donate icon copy.png

Offer a product or service that we can auction off to raise money for our charity, donations could include Family Days Out, Meals Out, Gift Hampers, Coaching Sessions.

Bid on our Charity Auction

Our Charity Auction offers a range of items and services available for you to bid on to raise money for Farleigh Hospice. 

auction icon.png


We are also offering individuals the opportunity to buy a Sunflower in honour of someone who has either Passed Away due to cancer, is currently Fighting cancer or has Survived it. 
Each flower which will be displayed on one of three flower walls and will include your choice of name on the flower. These walls of flowers will be in the theatre auditorium throughout out show week and at our Sunflower Ball.  
**Price £5.00 per flower**

Want to Speak to a member of the Fund Raising Team?

email :

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