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Welcome to WAOS

Staging Musical Theatre in Witham since 1922

Witham Amateur Operatic Society (WAOS) is a community-based amateur musical group, affiliated to NODA (the National Operatic and Dramatic Association) and NETG (the North Essex Theatre Guild). The society produces two shows a year in Witham Public Hall, each using full staging and orchestra, having been rehearsed over the preceding 6 months.

Our Next Show

"Salad Days"

Our Next Show is something different. 

The lightweight story, about young, spoilt Henrys and Henriettas just down from Oxford without a clue about what to do with their lives but getting involved with a magic piano that gets people dancing as soon as anyone strikes up a tune on it, is even dafter than it sounds.

But you don’t get to play 2,283 performances and last six years in the West End – the longest-running musical until Oliver! came along in 1960 – without having something more to it and Salad Days still has an old-fashioned sweetness and positivity that sends people home happier than when they arrived.

 Jane and Timothy Dawes meet in a park, soon after their graduation, to plan their lives. They agree to get married, and do so in secret, but Timothy's parents have urged him to ask his various influential uncles — a Minister, a Foreign Office official, a General, a scientist — to find him suitable employment. He and Jane, however, decide that he must take the first job that he is offered. A passing tramp offers them £7 a week to look after his mobile piano for a month, and, upon accepting, they discover that when the piano plays it gives everyone within earshot an irresistible desire to dance!


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