2006 - Carousel

NODA Review

Director & Choreographer: Nikki Mundell-Poole
Musical Director: Hans Montanana

I always look forward to this show as every time I see it there is a new twist on some aspect on it, and with Witham’s Carousel it was the delightfully choreographed numbers which were new, refreshing and certainly gave a lot to watch throughout the show. Nikki should be very well pleased with both her direction and choreography as it was very well executed by a good team with enthusiasm.

The overture was rather sedentary to start, and the musicians did not seem to get going until after this quite long descriptive overture, which is very important to the story which starts to unfold. However there was some very good musical direction under Hans, and tempered well in the quiet sections of songs which means that no dialogue is lost because of over loud musicians.

The part of Billy was well sung with a good range of voice and an obvious enjoyment of the character. I would have liked maybe just a little more movement at times from him. Both Julie and Carrie had really good voices, and looked well together, both in age and manner. Julie was a gentle character and Carrie more lively, and both got into their characters from the onset of the show.

Jigger was played in a rather growly manner, moved well in the dance numbers and generally did well with this rather nasty character. Mr Snow and Carrie’s ‘When the children are Asleep’ was one of the best numbers in the show. Well sung and delivered with excellent diction, every word could be heard. The part of Mrs Mullins was very cleverly played, with quite the most glamorous dress I have ever seen on a Mrs Mullins. Her dialogue with Billy and Jigger was good, and also the re-action at Billy’s death in her movement. Nettie made her character warm, motherly and believable.

I especially liked the dance sequence in ‘Blow High Blow Low’ it was fun and well presented by both ladies and gents. The daughter Louise was beautifully danced and acted, the whole of the Ballet was quite exciting and I enjoyed it all. All the minor parts were well cast and enjoyable, each giving their own style to the character.
Costumes, scenery, props all well thought about. I did not think one backcloth was suitable but maybe there was a reason for it?

A different ending the unaccompanied singing until part way through, with a supportive chorus through the show with firm harmonies which always is needed in ‘Walk Alone’.

Well done to you all, a very enjoyable evening.

Review by Ann Platten