1993 Brigadoon

BWT Review

Joy to watch Operatic Show

BRIGADOON, a really colourful show, was presented by Witham Amateur Operatic Society last week.
The multi-coloured plaids of the trews and kilts were offset by the pastel shades of the ladies' costumes. The music too ranged from gentle love songs to village frolics.
It is the story of a village that only appears out of the mists of the Scottish glens for one day every hundred years. On this day in 1946 two young American men stumble upon the village, one of them falls in love with a girl who will vanish for the next century. Stewart Adkins played the young lover opposite Val Ditchman. Their pleasant voices blended together well in the duets and the solos, though rather static, were clear and true.
Marea Irving made a lively animated Meg Brockie a young lady who set out to entice the other visitor, played by Michael Dunion. His cynical reluctance was an excellent foil for her exuberance.
The sure hand of the producer, Derek Collins, was to be found in many subtle touches. There was, however, the sight and sound of Chris Apps, a piper in full dress on stage to play a dirge for the funeral.
The scenery, especially in the opening scene, was outstanding and the lighting and stage effects most convincing. Dry ice was even used from above to produce cloud effects.
Steve Rogers gave a very good performance of a young man full of misery and hate. This was well balanced by the philosophical avuncular character played by David Adams.
Cynthia Stead's choreography was excellent - there were many good dance scenes but the sword dance and the funeral dance were the highlights.
Gone are the days of the heavy, slow stepping chorus. The fight scene was most dramatic
Kathryn Adkins and Philip Cousins were the young couple about to be married and they played and sang their parts with youthful joy.
Brian Brown, the musical director, had some excellent musicians to conduct.
Brigadoon is a very well written musical and when it is as well produced 'and performed as this, it is a joy to watch.

James Bright

Tommy Albright, Stewart Adkins;
Jeff Douglas, Michael Dunion;
Angus MacMonies, Alastair Irving;
Donald Ritchie, Geoff Coverdale;
Sandy, Steve Draper;
Maggie Abernethy, Sue Rogers;
MacGregor, Howard Brooks;
Stuart Cameron, John Slade;
Harry Ritchie, Steve Rogers;
Meg Brockie, Marea Irving
Andrew MacKeith, David Adams;
Fiona, Val Ditchman;
Jean, Kathryn Adkins;
Charlie Cameron, Philip Cousins;
Mr Murdoch, Tony Court;
Sword dancers, Howard Brooks, Tim Clarke;
Piper, Chris Apps;
Frank, Tim Clarke;
Jane Ashton, Rosemary Chaplin. .

Laddies and lassies of Brigadoon: Pam Adams, Steve Bailey, Katrina Brooks; Rosemary Chaplin, William Chaplin, Cynthia Draper, Gill Eaton, Helen Fox, Janet Hawkes, Janice Hawkes, Valerie Hutchin, Nicholas Ladd, Kim Mead, Danny Mullane, Sue Pavelin, Julia Reed, Joyce Ryder, Sue Siddalls, Dorothy Smee, Edna Starling, Roberta Tyler, Sarah Wilson
Dancers: Helene Jones, Liz McEntire, Anne Marsden, Bairbre Ni Bhroin, Patsy Page, Liz Watson.