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Flames of Injustice

2023 NETG Millennium Writers Award 

24th-29th October 2022



celebrating 100 years!

Director: Rhianna Howard

Musical Director: Jessie Tabor

WAOS' Centenary show, based on the True story of James Cooke and the Witham fires of 1828.

Bonfire night, November 1828, and the people of Witham revel in celebrations until fires break out at barns either side of Newland St, Witham. Unbeknown to sweethearts James Cook & Betty Goodwin, the flames are about to change their lives forever.

When James is wrongly accused of starting the fires, Betty and the community rally round to provide support. Will justice prevail? Will the interrogators listen to reason? And when will the flames burn out?

This moving story is written by Sarah Osborne in collaboration with WAOS members with a full folk style score by Franky Garland and orchestration by Phil Toms.


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