2006 - South Pacific

Braintree and Witham Times Review

Dream Team

The success of this Rodgers and Hammerstein musical was assured at the outset of the opening night by the performances of the principals.

Kathryn Adkins, as Ensign Nellie For­bush, could not be faulted, whether Washing That Man Right Out Of Her Hair or singing a romantic ballad, she did not put a note or a foot wrong. When joined by Nicholas Clough, a very convincing Emile de Becque, they made a dream team. It really was Some Enchanted Evening when the lead duo sang. Clough has a richly varied vocal range. Individually and together, they made beautiful music.

Also on song and acting impressively against character, Janet Wash made Bloody Mary most entertaining. Sophie Boardman and Harvey Farmer were in delightful tune, too, as Emile’s children. Michael Dunion was an amusing and energetic Luther Billis on a slickly ­changed set that had the requisite lus­cious tropical backdrop.
Musical director Geoff Osborne con­ducted both cast, choruses and hard­working chamber ensemble with great clarity. Director Cathy Court met most of the challenges of this large-scale production and should feel pleased with her efforts.

The music did speak louder than the second half words!

Review by Pat Rudkins