Past Shows


Made in Dagenham - 2021

Based on the 2010 film of the same name, Made in Dagenham is drawn from the real-life 1968 sewing machinists strike at the Ford factory in Dagenham, Essex. This strike was influential in the passing of the Equal Pay Act of 1970. The musical focuses on the leader of the strike, Rita O’Grady, as she encourages the women of the Ford factory to walk out after they are re-classified as unskilled workers. read more...

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Annie GYG

Annie Get Your Gun - 2020

‘Annie Get Your Gun’ follows the journey of Annie and Frank, revealing their competitive natures as they vie for best shot - and each other’s hearts! This brilliant family musical, based on a true tale, is laced with an abundance of humour, toe-tapping company dance numbers and one hit song after another, such as ‘There’s No Business Like Show Business’, ‘Anything You Can Do I Can Do Better’, and ‘They Say It’s Wonderful’. A timeless classic, with Irving Berlin’s music at its best, this will be a show-biz spectacle for the whole family not to be missed!”

Sadly, we did miss this show. After nearly 6 months of rehearsals and a set show, Covid-19 lockdown meant the show had to be cancelled (twice), so we never got to see WAOS present this fabulous show.


Sister Act - 2019

"Sister Act is an extremely funny and heart-warming show with some brilliant toe-tapping musical numbers. You'll want to jump up in the aisles and dance and clap along, the joy is infectious!
The show tells the story of lounge singer Deloris Van Cartier who, after witnessing her mobster boyfriend committing a murder, is forced to relocate to a Convent under the guise of a Nun for her own protection. read more...

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Iolanthe - 2019

This production of the Gilbert and Sullivan operetta was an updated and very modern script which really brought the disparate characters to life. Director Thomas Duchan has introduced some minor changes to the script and lyrics which have rooted the story firmly in the modern day with a local element. read more...

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Cinderella the Musical - 2018

No, not a premature panto, but a rare, and very welcome, chance to enjoy the musical Rodgers and Hammerstein wrote for CBS.
It’s given a splendid staging by WAOS; Claire Carr’s lively direction, and her classy choreography, guide the audience through the familiar fairytale, and, despite some lengthy passages of dialogue, sustain the magical mood. read more...

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Fiddler on the Roof - 2018

Fiddler on the Roof is a charismatic and emotional piece of theatre and its story still rings true today, where religion is the cause of so many issues in modern news.
Witham Operatic Society gave us a great insight into the life of a Jewish community in Russian circa 1905. read more...

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9 to 5 The Musical - 2017

A nostalgic journey back to 1979, nicely suggested in Witham by shades of brown and beige, with splendid hair and moustaches for the men, the villains in this vaguely feminist fairy tale.
This is “the Dolly Parton musical”; not a juke box selection of her greatest hits, but the play what she wrote, nearly ten years ago now, based on the 1980 film in which she starred with Jane more


Return to the Forbidden Planet - 2017

What an amazingly spirited show with all the songs of the 50/60s at full volume and with great energy throughout. This show was a terrific production from WAOS. Under the direction of Claire Carr in her first with this company, the show moved well, with verve and real pace from all on more


Spamalot - 2016

This hilarious production was full on, with an enthusiastic cast who sang, danced and acted their socks off. From start to finish it just bounced along with so many scenes and characters it would be impossible to comment on it more

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The Pirates of Penzance - 2016
(Australian Version)

This production, adapted by EssGee Entertainment in arrangement with Stagescripts Limited, for the sake of G&S purists, has kept all of the story-line and much loved harmonies of the musical numbers intact, but brings an up-to-date freshness to the script and energising feel to the musical. It’s pure pantomime from beginning to end, with a delightful touch of burlesque and some wonderful opportunities for over-the-top more

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The Producers - 2015

This is a show which struggles to get audiences and I have known many societies which have failed on counts of both finance and artistic presentation. How delighted I am to say that Witham does not... read more

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The Addams Family - 2015

Advertised as a “New Musical Comedy” the title fitted the bill. Hilarious dialogue with many a double entendre, especially from Gomez Addams, and a very strong cast from principals through to every member on ... read more

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The Sound of Music - 2014

A classic story and production from WAOS with a large cast of adults and children, playing to a full house and enthusiastic audience.
Niels Bradley as Captain Georg von Trapp... Read More

Jack the Ripper - 2014

This is a show that has been doing the rounds in District 11 but one which I still enjoy, with every production giving some new twists here and there from different directors’ work.
A fairly quiet start just for a few moments with Witham AOS which then suddenly came to life with the whole ensemble’s entrance with “Saturday Night”. Read More

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Oliver! - 2013

This was a really excellent production full of life, colour and commitment from a very large cast. The entire stage in the large ensemble numbers was filled with both the young people and adults all involved in very well drilled choreographic routines. Everyone on the stage was totally involved with putting these lively numbers across in a really effective and stunning form. Read More

Oklahoma! - 2013

OKLAHOMA! is such an. established part of the amateur dramatic repertoire that it is easy to take it for granted. Several well-known tunes, plenty of opportunities to dance, and a bit of comedy thrown in, it almost produces itself. Except that it doesn’t. It needs a lot of hard work and a bit of flair and invention. And that is what WAOS have produced here. Read More

Kiss Me Kate - 2012

This production is very much a play within a play where the two leading couples are playing dual roles. Fred Graham/Petruchio played by David Slater paired with Lilli /Kate played by Julie Codling and Lois/Bianca played by Robyn Gowers paired with Bill/Lucentio played by Ollie Barrett. Read more

Guys & Dolls - 2012

A good company show which Witham Amateur Operatic Society performed well. Great casting with the characters in this production, which added to the overall enjoyment. The sets and backcloths were particularly good and effective. Several quick set changes from one scene to the next were done quickly with good cover music throughout. Read more

Godspell - 2011

A very united small company presented this modern version of “Godspell” which was much appreciated by the audience.
Written by Stephen Schwartz in just five weeks at the age of twenty three in 1970 this is a version of the gospel according to St Matthew and it is interesting that one year after it was performed “Jesus Christ Superstar” was also performed on the Broadway stage. Read more

Anything Goes - 2011

A popular show, and one which is a good company show using talents from newer members and seasoned players to add to the mix of the many diverse characters in the production. It was well cast generally, and I would compliment the Wardrobe ladies on the costumes, many of which were sourced by the cast members as well, I understand. Read more

Sweeney Todd - 2010

Sweeney Todd the Demon Barber of Fleet Street billed as a musical thriller. This production came at a most apt time of the year i.e. “Halloween” and certainly gave the audience the thrill of a show which was played to perfection and as close to a professional production as one could get. Read more

Chess - 2010

Set against a cold war background with an intricate story line Chess first played for three years in the West End in 1986 and in 1988 premiered on Broadway. A very demanding show for a company which requires some very strong voices to take the principal leads, Witham were blessed with some outstanding voices to play the male leads singing extremes of range from almost Falsetto to Double Bass. Read more

--1990 – 1999--
--1999:-- Calamity Jane and Kismet
--1998:-- The Merry Widow and The Pajama Game
--1997:-- The Pirates of Penzance and Orpheus in the Underworld
--1996--: Guys & Dolls and Anything Goes
--1995:-- Oliver! and Kiss Me, Kate
--1994:-- South Pacific and My Fair Lady
--1993:-- Ruddigore and Brigadoon
--1992:-- Bless the Bride and Annie Get Your Gun
--1991:-- Patience and Carousel
--1990: --The King and I and Die Fledermaus

--1980 - 1989--
--1989:-- The Gondoliers and Fiddler on the Roof
--1988:-- Half A Sixpence and Kismet
--1987:-- Trial by Jury & HMS Pinafore and The Merry Widow
--1986:-- The Sound of Music and The Yeomen of the Guard
--1985:-- La Vie Parisienne and Showboat
--1984:-- Free As Air and My Fair Lady
--1983:-- The Pirates of Penzance and Oklahoma!
--1982:-- Cox & Box & The Sorcerer and The Desert Song
--1981:-- The Quaker Girl and Summer Song
--1980:-- Iolanthe and Orpheus in the Underworld

--1970 - 1979--
--1979:-- Princess Ida and Brigadoon
--1978:-- The Mikado and White Horse Inn
--1977:-- Utopia Ltd and Guys & Dolls
--1976:-- Ruddigore and South Pacific
--1975:-- Patience and Pink Champagne
--1974:-- The Yeomen of the Guard and The Pajama Game
--1973:-- Iolanthe and Carousel
--1972:-- The Gondoliers and The Merry Widow
--1971:-- Trial by Jury & HMS Pinafore and Oklahoma!
--1970:-- The Pirates of Penzance and Free As Air

--1960 - 1969--
--1969:-- The Mikado and Rose Marie
--1968:-- Patience (CV) and The Desert Song
--1967:-- Iolanthe (CV) and Call Me Madam
--1966:-- HMS Pinafore (CV) and Gipsy Love
--1965:-- The Pirates of Penzance (CV) and The Maid of the Mountains
--1964:-- The Mikado (CV) and The New Moon
--1963:-- The Quaker Girl
--1962:-- Grab Me a Gondola
--1961:-- The Boyfriend
--1960:-- Bless the Bride
(CV= Concert Version)

--1950 - 1959--
--1959:-- The Merry Widow
--1958:-- The Gipsy Princess
--1957:-- White Horse Inn
--1956:-- Tulip Time
--1955:-- Rose Marie
--1954:-- Carissima
--1953:-- Magyar Melody
--1952:-- Wild Violets
--1951:-- Rio Rita
--1950:-- The Lilac Domino

--1940 - 1949--
--1949:-- Katinka
--1948:-- Maritza
--1947:-- Miss Hook of Holland

--1930 - 1939--
--1939:-- Goodnight Vienna
--1938:-- The Street Singer
--1937:-- The Maid of the Mountains
--1936:-- Dorothy
--1935:-- The Geisha
--1934:-- Tom Jones
--1933:-- Merrie England
--1932:-- HMS Pinafore
--1931:-- Falka
--1930:-- The Gondoliers

--1922 - 1929--
--1929:-- The Mikado
--1928:-- Les Cloches de Corneville
--1927:-- Dorothy
--1926:-- The Yeomen of the Guard
--1925:-- Patience
--1924:-- Ruddigore
--1923:-- The Pirates of Penzance
--1922:-- HMS Pinafore