Gilbert & Sullivan in a Day

The Mikado

This was the invitation

Jan 25 2015 at Witham Public Hall. Phil Toms will MD this well known G&S operetta from scratch on Jan 25th. Principals will audition on Nov 27th at Witham Public Hall (19.30) but chorus can turn up just before 14.00 on Jan 25 and be given a score. Phil will take us through the music and we will perform a concert version in the evening. Don’t worry if you don’t know The Mikado - there are plenty of people who will and you can stand next to one. Chorus members should wear plain black clothes for the concert.
£10 per head for participants and £5 for audience members.
Doors open from 19.00 and concert begins 19.30.
email stadkins@btconnect to sign up

And this was how it was received

We 'just turned up' and wow, didn't we enjoy it! I am so sorry that more people did not do the same.
What a marvellous performance it was and all achieved within the space of one day. Everyone must have worked very hard and should be proud of themselves.
You asked for feedback, and it was decided in the car coming home that it was wonderful and made a super Sunday evening, much better than watching repeats on the TV. And we rather think that Pinafore or Pirates would be good for next time. Just let us know the date and time and we'll 'just turn up'.
Many thanks for a great evening,

A good evening last night ... just so casual and 'off the cuff'. Yes - we'd like more of the same thing - maybe next time I'll be brave enough to join the Choir.

Great it was a Sunday evening .... when nothing much happens at home.

The Sorcerer

While not as well known as The Mikado, the 31st January 2016 found around 30 brave souls taking on the challenge of learning or reprising their ensemble roles for The Sorcerer under Phil Toms’ baton. “The eggs and the ham and the strawberry jam” still rattled round the brain a few weeks after the concert so some of it must have stuck. What a shame that the audience was less enamoured of The Sorcerer than The Mikado. While this event is certainly not a money-making venture it would be better to get a little closer to breakeven by having a larger number of supporters.

Perhaps next year we choose something really well known. It doesn’t have to be G&S of course. Suggestions welcome to