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Inspired by the true events of 1968, “Made in Dagenham” tells the story of Rita O’Grady - a busy mum, loving wife and hard-working Ford factory employee, who along with her female colleagues, works long hours sewing car seats and who get their pay grade dropped to ‘unskilled’. Finding a voice she never knew she had, Rita leads the women on a trailblazing battle for equal pay taking on the Unions, Ford’s top brass and the Government. It’s a gritty, funny and emotional tale of love, friendship and the importance of ‘Standing Up’ for what you know is right.


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MADE IN DAGENHAM – The Essex Girls who changed the World!


The show is set in Dagenham, Essex in 1968. Most characters speak with an East London accent. Exceptions are noted in the character descriptions e.g. Harold Wilson (Yorkshire), Barbara Castle (Yorkshire), Tooley (American), and Hopkins & Lisa, (Upper class English). Please be aware there is some strong language used throughout the show so if you are easily offended please be aware of this.

Performance style:

The show has both guts and a sense of humour. It is based on real events and benefits from performers who can realistically portray the characters and their passions. However, there is a comic heightening to some characters on the periphery of the story and at times some are drawn with tongue firmly in cheek. Comedy skills are noted where appropriate in the character outlines, but all performers should retain believability.

Chorus & Dancing:

The ensemble is an integral to the plot and are heavily featured in the story. Strong singing (including harmony) and gutsy, characterful performances are required. The show generally features ‘musical staging’ rather than conventional dance. However, there are a couple of opportunities for dance routines in “Pay Day”, “This is America” and “Cortina!”.....Read more in downloadable pdf

Off Stage Chorus.

The company will be limited to approximately 30 cast members, however, consideration is being given to the idea of off-stage singers augmenting the chorus. This reflects the very real risk that the cast will have far less time than usual to learn the movement and the uncomfortable truth that we tend to forget the music while concentrating on moving. This is not an excuse for the chorus to ignore the music! But it should mean that there will always be a strong vocal line.

Audition Resources

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