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24 - 27 April 2019


The Public Hall





Wondering what Iolanthe is about? Here's a taster!

Iolanthe returns from 25 years of exile. Her husband, the Lord Chancellor, believes her to be dead. Her son, Strephon, seeks advice on marriage to Phyllis. Phyllis catches Strephon embracing Iolanthe and assumes he has another woman (Iolanthe is immortal and so looks 17!)
Strephon declares his innocence but Phyllis doesn't believe his mother can be 17 and who can blame her.
Phyllis, on the rebound, says she will marry whichever Lord will have her.
Meanwhile, Phyllis is a ward of court and the Lord Chancellor has to reconcile his duty to keep her safe and his own desire for her.
The Fairy Queen intervenes and makes Strephon an MP who can carry any bill he chooses to support.
The remaining fairies flirt with and begin to grow fond of the Lords.
Two Lords vie for the affections of Phyllis, who is indifferent to both.
The Lord Chancellor wrestles with his conscience and eventually persuades himself that he should marry Phyllis.
Phyllis makes up with Strephon when she learns he is half immortal and his mother is a fairy.
Iolanthe reveals herself to the Lord Chancellor to stop him marrying Phyllis.
Iolanthe is condemned to death by the Fairy Queen but the Lord Chancellor makes a simple change to Fairy Law and everyone lives happily ever after

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May 1, 2019


Witham Public Hall




May 7, 2019


Spring Lodge


Sister Act
Open Evening


Sept 20, 2019


Witham Public Hall


WAOS hosts the WAOSCARS!



This lively evening will include entertainment (hopefully from members of WOW, past and present) and food while the cash bar will be open for drinks. The climax of the evening will be the presentation of a series of awards both fun and serious, to members and friends of WAOS/WOW, whether they have been involved on-stage or off. This is the premiere of this type of event and if successful could become a regular addition to the WAOS/WOW calendar. Put the date in your diary and wait for formal invitations nearer the event.

Sept 28 and 29


Spring Lodge
The Barn


Making a musical for our centenary!



WAOS hopes to write and perform a musical in time for its centenary celebrations in 2022. This is a bold and innovative challenge that will require significant help and support from our members, as well as from external professionals. We have already developed a preliminary theme (based on the Witham Fires in the early 19th century) and have engaged a professional, expert in developing new drama, to work with us during a weekend of workshops to flesh out plots, sub-plots, characters and characterisations so that we can work towards a draft script. The music will come afterwards. Given the space and logistical constraints in managing a creative process we are limited to 25 participants who can devote both Saturday and Sunday to this project. It is a significant time commitment but I promise you will have a ball and learn huge amounts about yourself and the creative process. This is perhaps a unique opportunity that we offer to our own members initially before widening the net. Please let me know if you would like to be involved. Stewart Adkins