Betty Blue Eyes - April 2022


A New Musical Comedy, Betty Blue Eyes is an utterly British musical, full of eccentric characters and of course the star, Betty the pig.

Based on the film “A Private Function”, the story by Alan Bennett is set in Shepardsford, Yorkshire in 1947. The war is over but, like the rest of the country, it still bears the scars of recent war. Belts are tightened and citizens are told by the Government that there will be a ‘fair share for all’ in return for surviving Austerity Britain. The only bright spark of hope on the horizon is the impending marriage of Princess Elizabeth and Prince Phillip. We follow the lives of Gilbert & Joyce Chilvers, a Chiropodist and his not to be reckoned with wife. Gilbert inadvertently stumbles across a pig named Betty, who is being illegally reared to ensure the local dignitaries can celebrate the Royal Wedding with a lavish banquet. It leads to a kidnapping of the pig, whilst the sinister Mr Wormold – the Ministry of Food Inspector – tracks Betty down.....

This show has everything – gorgeous score to fall in love with, humour, strong acting, eccentric characters, heart-warming moments, the drama of post-war Britain and big, show-stopping choreography of the 1940s. Join us at Witham Public Hall for another great show in April 2022.

Auditions will be held on
Wednesday, November 17th at Witham Public Hall from 7:30pm and
Sunday, November 21st at Spring lodge from 10am.

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Also attached is a link to a site which has some song extracts and Youtube clips from the West End version. Please take a look and start practising your Yorkshire accent!